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September 2015

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This month’s newsletter includes information about:

    • Fall AASHTO/NSBA Collaboration Meeting Announced.
    • NSBA to hold upcoming Steel Bridge Forum in Salt Lake City.
    • NSBA Continuous Span Standards are NOW Available for Free Download.
    • 2016 NSBA Prize Bridge Competition is now Accepting Submissions.
    • FHWA Senior Bridge Engineer - Steel Specialist Position is Accepting Applications.
    • Mark your Calendar for these Upcoming Events.


Fall AASHTO/NSBA Collaboration Meeting Announced

The next AASHTO/NSBA Steel Bridge Collaboration meeting is scheduled on November 18 -20, 2015, in Denver, CO at the Crowne Plaza Denver Downtown. The following Task Group meetings have been scheduled:

• TG 1 Detailing (Tentative)
• TG 2/TG5 Fabrication Specification
• TG 4 QC/QA
• TG 8 Coatings
• TG 10 Erection
• TG 11 Steel Bridge Handbook
• TG12 Design for Economy & Constructability
• TG 13 Analysis of Steel Bridges
• TG 15 Data Modeling for Interoperability
• TG 16 Orthotropic Deck Panels

For more information, please download the Meeting Announcement or look under the “Upcoming Events” section of the AASHTO/NSBA Steel Bridge Collaboration webpage. As always, all collaboration meetings are free and open to anyone interested in participating.

About the Collaboration
The AASHTO/NSBA Steel Bridge Collaboration is a joint effort between AASHTO and the National Steel Bridge Alliance (NSBA). The mission of the Collaboration is to achieve quality and value in steel bridges by standardization of design, fabrication and erection and by the sharing of resources. Through the Collaboration, steel bridge professionals work together in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect to develop details, specifications and practices and to exchange knowledge, technology and expertise.

NSBA to hold Upcoming Steel Bridge Forum in Salt Lake City

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The Steel Bridge Forum on September 30 will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah at the AGC of Utah. The seminar will focus on practical construction and economical design techniques as it relates to steel bridge construction. Follow the link to download the forum’s flyer for abstracts on each topic and information on how to register. Registration for the event closes September 9, 2015. A complete list of presentations is below:


· Topics in Girder Design.
· Economic Steel Fabrication Details.
· Steel Bridge Constructability.
· Utah Department of Transportation Update.
· Effects of Skewed Supports on Steel I-Girder Behavior.
· Bolted Splice Design and Advanced Fabrication Techniques. 

About the NSBA Steel Bridge Forums
The National Steel Bridge Alliance’s Steel Bridge Forums provide engineers with a full day immersion into steel bridge design and construction. The seminars focus on reinforcing good design and detailing techniques to ensure the economics of steel bridges. Participants learn from the premier engineers and steel bridge fabricators working in the industry. Those that complete the seminar have the opportunity to receive continuing education credits when offered.

NSBA Continuous Span Standards are NOW Available for Free Download

NSBA’s Continuous Span Standards for Steel Plate Girder Bridges are now available for free download. Developed to assist engineers and contractors during the type, size and location (TS&L) phase of projects, the standards offer conceptual solutions for three-span bridges with center spans between 150 ft and 300 ft and balanced end spans at 78% of the main span length.

“The Continuous Span Standards for Steel Plate Girder Bridges are designed to help mitigate the inherent risk in using preliminary designs for schedule, initial cost and cost growth estimates,” said Bill McEleney, NSBA managing director.

All information is presented in easy-to-understand tables. Tabulated information includes: flange and web plate sizes, diaphragm spacing, intermediate stiffener locations, shear stud spacing, camber tables, girder weights and total weights. Girder spacing ranges from 7.5 ft to 12 ft with homogeneous and hybrid plate solutions available.

“If you can’t find a standard that matches your project’s geometry, we’ve included the NSBA LRFD Simon input files that were used to build the standards,” added McEleney. “Just find the corresponding file, open it in the free LRFD Simon software, change the geometry and/or loading requirements and run the software. LRFD Simon provides a complete output of the required information.”

The standards simplify the process for selecting a girder size and can be used to propose preliminary design on bid day, yet are accurate enough to keep cost growth in check once the project has been won and final designs are prepared.

For more information and to download a free copy of the standards, visit www.steelbridges.org/spanstandards.

2016 NSBA Prize Bridge Competition is now Accepting Submissions

The Prize Bridge Competition, a prestigious industry awards program organized by the National Steel Bridge Alliance, honors significant and innovative steel bridges constructed in the United States. All award-winning bridges must be built of fabricated structural steel and located in the United States (defined as the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and all U.S. territories.) Eligible bridges must have been completed and opened to traffic between May 1, 2013 and September 30, 2015.

An independent panel of judges will select winners based upon the following criteria: innovation, aesthetics, value, design and engineering solutions. Quality of submitted presentations, though not a criterion, is important. Entries may be judged in more than one category, but an entry can only receive one award.

Winners will be notified shortly after judging and we will make a public announcement of the winners in Modern Steel Construction magazine. Designers of the winning Prize Bridge entries will be presented with plaques and honored during the World Steel Bridge Symposium. Owners of the winning Prize Bridge entries will be presented with plaques and honored at an NSBA networking function banquet during the 2016 AASHTO Subcommittee on Bridges and Structures.

Award Categories 
Major span - one or more spans equal to or greater than 400 ft. 
Long span - Longest span equal to or greater than 250 ft. but less than 400 ft. 
Medium span - Longest span equal to or greater than 140 ft. but less than 250 ft. 
Short span - Longest span less than 140 ft. 
Movable span 
Reconstructed - Having undergone major reconstruction, rehabilitation, or widening 
Special purpose - Bridge not identifiable in one of the above categories including pedestrian, pipeline, airplane, etc. 

In addition to the above categories; NSBA will also offer special commendation to projects that best exemplify Accelerated Bridge Construction, and a full range of Sustainable attributes.

All entries are due by 11:59 pm, December 14, 2015.

To enter visit www.steelbridges.org/2016prizebridge.

2016 Prize Bridge Banner


FHWA Senior Bridge Engineer - Steel Specialist Position is Accepting Applications

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is seeking a senior bridge engineer to fill their Senior Bridge Engineer – Steel Specialist position. This is an opportunity for an individual to join the Structural Engineering Team at Headquarters office of Bridges and Structures. The person selected will lead/manage the Steel Bridge Program for the Agency and serve as the primary technical point of contact for developing, implementing, and interpreting national policy on steel bridges.

The FHWA is seeking someone to lead work initiatives in areas such as refined analysis, fatigue and fracture, erection stability, and redundancy. The individual will represent Headquarters in the review and approval of major and unusual bridges on the interstate system. The job duties also involve serving as advisor to the Office Director, providing support to outside committees such as AASHTO and TRB, and advancing the state of the practice through development and application of new engineering concepts and techniques for steel bridges. The ideal candidate will have a strong blend of technical knowledge, program management experience, and interpersonal/communication skills to be successful.

This is a GS-14, Civil (Structural) Engineer position in Washington, D.C. The position is open to candidates with status (internal) through announcement FHWA.HIF-2015-00014. The position is also open for all citizens through announcement FHWA.HIF-2015-00015. Interested candidates have until Monday September 14, 2015.

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